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To Make Disciples You Must: Value Yourself

The Law of the Mirror states you must see value in yourself to add value to yourself.

I participated in a discipline program called 75 Hard by Andy Fircila. Over the course of 75 days, I had to complete 5 tasks every day or start over at day one. One of these daily tasks

was to take a full body selfie. The reason for this was so I could see the changes occurring as I completed the other tasks. It was the measurement of my progress. From day to day, the changes seemed non-existent. But as the library of photos grew the difference from the first photo to the most recent photo began to become obvious.

When it comes to discipleship you must see value in yourself so that you can share that value with others. Because the value that you have in yourself is the value you can give to others and the reason they will be willing to be discipled by you. If what you focus on is the despair around you, how will you see and show the hope you have?

The first person you must disciple is yourself.

“If you don’t realize that you have genuine value and that you are worth investing in, then you will never put in the time or effort needed to grow your potential.” - John Maxwell. Therefore, you must believe you have something to offer before it can be realized.

Ask yourself, “What is my message?” Then with great determination pursue your message as a way of life. Start small and build a small win to celebrate. Doing a small task will help you develop the confidence to take another step.

As you stack small victories you will narrate your story and attract others to you. Your life and the example you set will open the door for you to guide others along their journey. By looking in the mirror you can evaluate how your discipline is going so you validate how you are doing and can make adjustments along your path.

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