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Top 3 Reasons Talented Teams Are Losing Top Performers (Part 3 of 4)Reason # 3 - Limited Advancement

When managers become an obstacle to individual growth, emerging leaders decide it’s time

to look for those who will invest in their development. A lack of opportunity for advancement was mentioned by 37% of the people quitting their jobs as a reason for leaving.

If a company’s turnover is high, there’s a reason - and it probably isn’t the workforce available. Talent comes in all shapes and sizes and ages. If a company is finding it difficult to keep the top talent at their company, the question should be, “Is there a legitimate opportunity to advance these leaders?” It doesn’t mean they need to become partners - although in some cultures that is an expectation. It also doesn’t mean each person should become a “manager” Some people’s talents are not in managing others or divisions. What will keep people? Great leadership. Give them the opportunity to grow their leadership skills. Help them become the leaders they want to be. There are many options and price points for trainings - group or individual. Not sure what to do to help your emerging leaders? Let’s talk. Discovery Sessions are complimentary (aka No Risk!) Make 2023 your best year yet!

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