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Walk Slowly Through The…

My friend and mentor John Maxwell often talks about how he loves to walk slowly through a room.  Honestly, I think he’d prefer to walk slower than sometimes his “handlers” allow him.  Someone like John has places to be and I think sometimes he’d rather just go a bit slower and be with the people in the room at the moment.  

I just recently returned from an amazing Disney World vacation with my whole family.  Every couple of years we all get together and this wasn’t going to be our first trip to Main Street.  Between our own trips and helping some friends plan their trips, my wife and I have a bit of experience in plotting a successful Disney trip.  There are strategies and tips galore - most based on what your goals to accomplish in Disney are.  

This time though my head going in was in a bit of a different spot.  I didn’t want to stress over rope dropping (getting there before the park opens and heading to one of your ‘must-do’ rides first thing) and rushing to and fro.  I hoped to just go with the flow, walk slowly down Main Street, or around World Showcase.  

Disney Imaginers put a lot of thought and work into the small details.  Just consider the oftentimes fun hunt for Hidden Mickey’s.  I wanted to take note of some of the things we, and many others often rush past to rope drop a ride.  Take it in, and see things we may have missed on a previous trip.  

Whether you’re walking through a conference like John Maxwell, dashing through Disney like the Hansen’s, or running through your daily life, today I want to challenge you, all of us really to slow down.  

What happens if you take some intentional time to be slow with your kids, your spouse, family, and co-workers?  Notice the things you may not notice when you’re just trying to beat the clock, get out the door, and avoid rush hour.

We notice things.  

Others take notice that we’ve slowed down.  In your family’s case, they may just appreciate that you’re taking more time.  This could be at meals, or putting your device down to play a game when your kids ask.  Maybe it’s a conversation instead of the next episode in the series you are binge-watching.  

Take time today, and walk slowly through your day.  I promise it will be worth it.  And if you ever need a tip or two about rope dropping or walking slowly through Disney let me know, I love talking about creating magical memories. 

Make It A Great Day, 


P.S. If we haven’t had the chance to sit down for a Complimentary Discovery Session, take the time to book one today!

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