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What Could Be? 3 Pillars to Unlock Potential - Pillar 2: Strengths

Strengths - Your strengths are your superpower

Many times, we focus on the things we don’t do well. That’s what we are supposed to work on, right? To be a well rounded human, we must do all things… right? My advice?

Don’t worry about what you don’t do well. We surround ourselves with people who can help us because those are their strengths. They will need you because they don’t have your strengths. Hey. We need each other. What can I say?

Here’s a current example… I am the Leadership Harbor bookeeper. Pretty much by default. I’ve always been doing it so I understand it. I’ve done bookkeeping before so I even know what I’m doing (well…. Sort of lol). This is not one of my strengths. It actually sucks the energy right out of me to do the book work. My strength is connecting and being with people. That’s where I find joy and energy.

Where do you find joy and gain energy? What tasks are you doing at work? At home? How does your brain incorporate your strengths into your conversation? What potential could you unlock for yourself if you worked in your strengths more than on your weaknesses?

Let’s talk more. Discovery Session

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