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What Could Be. . . Financially ?

Happiest of New Years! Financially - What Could Be in store for you this year. . . ? As we begin a new year - we, at Leadership Harbor, want you to ponder this question, in the same manner that we will be pondering it for ourselves, individually, and collectively, as a Team. In

John Maxwell’s book, Winning with People, we are looking at the Approachability Principle. Picture yourself struggling with a financial concern. How approachable are you with financial subjects? This is often a challenge in many relationships. If this fits you, and your situation, consider an unbiased third party consultation to help lay out some ground rules to make this a successful discussion. I am certified in Dave Ramsey’s methods, and have implemented changes which have made a huge difference in my own personal financial situation.

The Question I must ask myself: Would my friends and colleagues say that I am easy to approach about difficult issues? And if you are not happy with the answer, then do something about it now! You do not want to keep yourself in these financial situations any longer!

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