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When It Comes to Money, Who Owns Who? (Who is in charge?)

How is the relationship between you and money? Do you love money as much, or even more than you love yourself? It is my perception that some people love money or stuff such

that the accumulation of money or the purchase of stuff (clothes, cars, newest fangled gadget, etc) is necessary in order to feel good about themselves. Now don’t get me wrong, there is nothing inherently wrong with buying stuff. But there is a problem when the purchase is made with money that is needed for true living expenses (rent/mortgage, food for your family, etc) more than it is needed in order to feel good about yourself. In fact, I am aware that some people do not let themselves wear their better clothes because the older clothes are not worn out. In fact, I’ll admit, I’ve struggle here. (Of course, my wife and kids appreciate that I don’t make this choice when going out in public, especially with them, lol.) I want to see that you love yourself so much that when it comes to money, that you use a financial plan in order to tell your money exactly where to go. Yes, you tell your money where to go. In fact, when it comes to quality - I want you to buy all the quality that you feel you deserve while still meeting your financial plan and financial goals.

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