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Who needs personal growth? I do.

My life was great. I was happy. I was raising my family and I loved my job. Then things began to change and I was trying to figure out what had happened. I needed to up my game for my "job". I needed to be a mom of adults - I don't even know how that happened so fast! I had no real plan and a lot of questions. Believe it or not, it was a tougher year for me than 2020 was.

I was working harder... putting in more time... reading personal growth books... ALL false assumptions. I was doing more activity, but I wasn’t improving. I had no plan and I wasn't applying what I was learning. Finally, the lightbulb clicked on. I learned then something that changed my life: working hard doesn’t guarantee success; hope isn’t a strategy; and learning without action is a waste of time.


My friend, now is the time to develop a plan for your growth. Make sure you’re not relying on false assumptions.

Here is a list of differences between accidental and intentional growth (credit to my friend John Maxwell) This helped me begin making changes to have a better plan for my life. Maybe this can help you create a better plan for your life too.

Accidental Growth Intentional Growth

  • Plans to start tomorrow * Insists on starting today

  • Quits early and often * Perseveres long and hard

  • Talks big * Follows through

  • Plays it safe * Takes risks

  • Relies on talent * Relies on character

  • Stops learning after graduation * Never stops learning

Where do you live in these lists? Where do you want to live?

If you feel unsure of your next step - consider a Discovery Session with a Leadership Harbor Thinking Partner to help you figure it out. No cost. No obligation.

The journey is incredible. I'd love you to join me.

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