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YOUth Should Be In The Room!

The best Leadership Event of the year is just around the corner! On Friday, November 3rd we’re hosting the Lincoln location for Live2Lead 2023. In my opinion, everyone should be in the room - because if you are, you’re bound to grow - personally, professionally, probably both! Today though I want to share why I think YOUTH should be In The Room!

Yes, I believe if you know or have a Middle or High School Student you should ask them to consider attending and if they agree - Call Them Out Of School for the day. Will they have to make up work from missing class, likely - but I promise being In THIS Room will impact them.

I’ve had the privilege to learn from all of the speakers we’ll hear from at Live2Lead and I don’t want your youth or any you know to miss this. Who we learn from matters and these speakers who are stand-outs in their fields will challenge us all. Additionally, we have an amazing panel of local leaders who will share with us during the day.

When your youth, or one you know is ready to sign up know that we’re working with some partners who agree with me, youth need to be in this room, to provide some scholarships to help reduce the cost of getting them in a seat for Live2Lead. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out.

Make It A Great Day, Chris

P.S. I look forward to learning alongside your Youth, and you too at Live2Lead in a couple of weeks!

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