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Are You Eating for One or Two or 1.5?

This year I decided to follow one of my mentors. I chose to focus on one word and create a personal growth opportunity. The word I chose was awareness.

When we go searching for a car, and we get our choices narrowed down to the make and model desired, and are getting serious, we start to pay attention to the other cars on the road. We look for the one that we are considering, helping us narrow down the “look,” color, etc. And then we see them everywhere! It’s not that they now appear. They have been there all along; however, it’s now that we are aware. Being aware is what allows us to truly “see” something!

Why do I ask about eating for 1.5 or even two? Let’s check out one of my favorite snack mixes, Kar’s—it come in three flavors: Sweet & Salty mix (the fav!), All Energy Trail Mix (pretty good), and Raisin Almond Cashew mix (OK). We buy the package of 18, of which nine are my favorite and the other nine are split four and five of the other two options. (I considered just getting my favorite, but if I ate that all the time, then how long before it would no longer be my favorite?) The others are good and allow me to fully appreciate my favorite.

NameServing Size (oz)Serving/ containerCalories/ servingCalories from FatActual (2 servings) Sweet & Salty Mix13.514080245 cal/half bag All Energy Mix1314080210 cal/half bag Raisin Almond Cashew Mix12.7512080165 cal/half bag

But did you know:

  1. The serving size for the snack mix is one ounce? No big deal.

  2. The number of calories/serving is between 120 and 140 for each of the options? No big deal.

  3. The number of calories from fat is 80? No big deal.

  4. The number of servings in each bag is different, and is basically three three-ounce servings per bag!?—What am I supposed to do, find two more friends every time I open a bag?! (Actually, I figured out how many calories were in MY serving if I split the bag into two.)

I think it’s ridiculous! However, now I am aware! It’s not that I am going to change my snack habits, but I am aware of the extra calories that I am consuming.

Maybe you are aware of the changing US soda serving size over the years. In 1955, the Golden Arches served seven-ounce drinks (that was the large size); in the 1980s, it moved to 21 ounces, and the Big Gulp was 32 ounces. Drink and eat what you want.

I know that snack mix and drinks aren’t all that exciting or even that important. But people are. This was meant to be a simple illustration to become more AWARE.

What/who are other important subjects of which we truly need to be more aware? Family, spouse, our own health, exercise, other people and their lives/needs?

Practice being more aware of the things going on around you. We all dream of being important. Raise your awareness by imagining people walking around with a sign hanging from their neck that says, “Make me feel important.” Pay attention. Find ways to make them feel important and significant. When you help others feel significant, then you truly become more significant.

Have a great day!

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