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Becoming a Person People Trust

People need to see what they ought to be. A cartoon punch line says, “No matter what you

teach the child, he insists on behaving like his parents.” This can be really humbling to those of us parents.

If we want to become a person people trust - then one of the best ways is to be seen as an encourager. This has been a difficult one for me to learn because I am one that is on the continual growth path, so I keep refining myself. I want to improve. And yet I have also learned that if I only hear how I can improve, then I am not good enough. That is a false understanding. I am good enough. And I can be better if I choose. This falls under my Circle of Control. I choose what I want to improve; and I cannot, nor should I even be attempting to always be changing everything.

Be an encourager, and you will become a stronger person that people trust.

The biggest people with the biggest ideas can be shot down by the smallest people with the smallest minds - think big anyway!

Adapted from Become a People Person by John Maxwell.

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