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Believing in Others: Leading with Queen Amaya’s Kindness

Hey friends!

Today, I've got a super cool story to share about Queen Amaya from Walt Disney's Movie Wish. She's married to King Magnifico and she watched this girl named Asha grow up. But here's the really awesome part – Queen Amaya did something totally amazing. She let Asha know that she believed in her and was rooting for her every step of the way. Can you imagine having someone like that in your life? Someone who's always there to cheer you on, celebrate your wins, and believe in your dreams? Well, guess what? You can be that person for others too!

It doesn’t have to be a huge thing to be that person to others. One of the biggest things anyone has ever done for me is when Coach Chris sent me a card in the mail. This was during a time when I had to face some big challenges. Chris took time to mail me a card that said he was praying for me and he was there for me. That card meant everything to me. To this day, it sits on the same shelf as my most prized world champion trophies. 

See, being a leader isn't just about bossing people around. It's about being their biggest cheerleader, lifting them up when they're feeling down, and throwing a party when they succeed, no matter how big or small. So, my friends, let's take a page from Queen Amaya's book and support each other like she did for Asha. Let's be the kind of leaders who spread love, encouragement, and good vibes wherever we go. Together, we can be like cheerleading leaders, making the world a happier and brighter place for everyone!

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