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Change and the Rotary Phone

Do you like change? No, I’m not talking pocket change. I am talking about how flexible are you to change. Lots of people don’t like change—‚just keep it the same way. Gosh, don’t you change your clothes? Of course you do. Your underwear? Of course you do. (I hope.)

Do you remember the old rotary-dial telephones? Which was worse: (1) waiting for the rotary to finish the “undialing” (what would you call it?) or (2) being attached to the wall with a cord? And today we hardly have to think about these limitations (at least with a phone).

To those that don’t like change—what aren’t you willing to change and why? Change is not a four-letter word, yet we often treat it that way.

Let’s consider: Who changes more from one day to the next—an adult or a baby? The answer is obvious. So before the Depends need to be changed as often as a baby’s diaper—make your own changes, or return your mobile phone and get a landline.

One final thought: How would life ever get better without change? Simple. It wouldn’t.

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