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Create Win-Win Relationships

Even as a task oriented person, I have come to realize that people are more important than tasks. I’ll be honest, it's taken me a while to really figure it out…...grandkids have an impact on that and building a better relationship with my spouse has made me a happier person as

well. This realization has helped deepen my clarity with one of my favorite John Maxwell books, Winning with People. It has always been one of my favorites, but the “duh!, that’s obvious!” realizations that have come out of studying that book for years are eye-opening to me. Today we start the close of the final section in the book - The Synergy Question - Can we Create a Win-Win for Relationships? My answer - of course we can! One of my favorite examples is calling people by name…..when you do this, they will strive to call you by name as well. Knowing one’s name is synonymous with being known. When we feel known, we feel valued. Try it out, and see what happens when you start calling new people by their name.

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