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cROI of Coaching - Now You Have It; Now You Don’t

Another measurement for your Coaching ROI is your level of confidence.

Confidence can seem elusive and a bit like playing peek-a-boo - Now you have it; Now you don’t.

How does one measure true confidence? We gain confidence every time we step outside of

our comfort zone - pushing past our fears and challenges and learning something. Sometimes that means it is a new concept to us. Other times it means we have unlearned a belief , and relearned it differently.

Consider learning a new skill. It can be scary at first… It can also boost our positive energy. It helps us expand our problem solving skills. Everytime we expand that type of learning, we literally increase our confidence.

So how do we measure confidence? What are we learning? What skills are being utilized? How creative are we in our problem solving?

Believe it or not, the majority of people don't want to learn. They are afraid of failing so they don't even try. Others are afraid of how success would change their life or viewpoint.

Growing confidence is not for the faint hearted. Personally, I find learning accelerating!

If you are wanting to grow your confidence, let’s talk. Discovery Session

Leadership Harbor helps people realize their potential with confidence and influence.

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