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Dreaming of the Possibilities

We have begun the new year; and with that I think about new starts - a clean slate. And for me, it’s not about what I can achieve, it’s more about the question - am I becoming the

person that I always wanted to be? I’ll admit that my life is not everything I’ve dreamed about. Parts of me want the nicer house that some of my friends have. And yet, I really like my house. I’ll admit that I was not completely thrilled with the house when we moved in because it was such a change from having a 2nd floor beautiful country view to a ground floor view - guess that’s why our bedroom window replacement became a bay window; and the screen porch became a reality as a room where we say, “Heaven seems closer . . . when you’re on the porch!!” There’s still some significant remodel that not only I, but especially Kris, would like to see. Mostly on our main floor.

Our house is a lot like me - a continual work in progress.

Therefore, as I love me and who I am with ALL of my imperfections, I love my house and all of its imperfections. (Note: imperfections are not quite the same as flaws. Flaws are negative, imperfections are simply, less than perfect. While I may not be perfect, and thus, imperfect, I am not flawed.)

In this new year, I dream of the possibilities for me, the house, for Kris, for our business, our children, our grandchildren, and even our parents. One of my favorite lessons comes from a recent teaching from John Maxwell as he talks about fulfilling potential. His teaching had nothing to do with my potential and yet it did. In reality, he was talking about his potential, and how every day, he is out to fulfill his potential. As much as he has accomplished, and could certainly sit on his laurels… (What's a laurel, anyway?)... He doesn’t just sit on them. Besides that, as a person of faith, he encourages us all to recognize our strengths, our talents, and feel blessed by it all. And then to develop those strengths and talents to their fullest potential. So while he was talking about fulfilling his every growing possible potential, he was talking about my potential, and for that matter - your potential.

The Trefecta of Success

I was on a separate teaching call of his recently, and he taught on the Trefecta of Success - which is the three factors that we should focus on in order to know greater success. It gave me more focus to prioritizing those activities to bring about greater success and significance. Which leads me to asking these questions for me to answer, and you as well:

  • What are your dreams?

  • What are your possibilities?

Recently, I had a conversation with someone who really wants to have a profession quite different from what he is doing right now. The problem is that it costs a lot of money in order to be trained. And it also appears that he is not sure how to pay for it. Worse than that, it sounds like he does not know how to get started; nor is he intentionally taking any steps that will ultimately lead and empower him to do what is necessary. Honestly, I sense that since he hasn’t taken the steps in years prior, he appears stuck now, and it appears he will not be taking the steps in the coming months either. In fact, as I further consider this situation, he is not truly taking any one of the Trifecta Steps that John teaches is necessary to become successful. I did offer to meet with him to discuss, but he has not agreed to any one-to-one discussion. (If you’d like to know more, let’s meet and discuss them.) One of the toughest lessons we must learn is to learn to lead ourselves. Even my friend John says, the toughest person he has to lead is the person looking back in the mirror.

Similar for me as well. In some ways this situation reminds me of my mistakes. My corporate career was not offering me the ability to make as big of a corporate impact as I desired. If I had better prepared myself for an entrepreneurial career both emotionally and financially, I would have taken the leap when the company was going through downsizing and offering a severance package. But I wasn’t ready. I promised myself that I would get ready. The disappointing thing was the second time, I still wasn’t ready. Maybe you’ve heard the statement, “Third time's the charm.” ? Well, the third time was different, and I was somewhat more prepared - emotionally and financially. I was able to make the choice of when. I feel quite fortunate that I am in a better situation, “Better late than never,” as they say! And yet, it still could have been better (Did I mention no severance package this time?)

This is now the most difficult work that I have ever done;

and yet it’s also the most rewarding. The best part is when I work with someone and I get to see the “light bulb” turn on for them!

If you are looking to make a significant and successful change in your life - we should begin with a conversation. What have you got to lose? Better yet, what could you gain? That’s the question which may lead to your best opportunity ever! If you find yourself dreaming of your possibilities, and wondering where to begin? - let’s meet up!

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