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FUN at Work!

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We need more FUN in and with our jobs!

Yes—it’s best we can enjoy our jobs because we spend a lot of time at them!

We all know too many people who do not enjoy their jobs. And the worst part is they forget why they are at their job—even if it is simply the paycheck to support the family.

If we are in our job for more than just the paycheck, likely we find that there is more work to do than time to do it in. And frequently, when someone leaves or retires, there are serious thoughts as to whether to replace them…

We are all busy, but are we really getting the important stuff done? Oh, I know, it’s all important! That’s what all our boss’s keep telling us, right? Yeah, that’s a problem, too. We need leadership that understands that with fewer resources (i.e., people) we must make better choices about which projects get attention and which need to be discontinued. No one said that being a leader was easy, but making the right decisions is rewarding.

This is all part of what I call the F in FUN. F for Focused Priorities.

We all have priorities, but for many of us, it’s just a long to-do list and we pick some to start. I love the method that was attributed to Warren Buffet: Make a list of priorities. Narrow the list down to three. Cross off numbers two and three, so you only have number one. Throw away the rest of the list. Now get started. All right, so it’s a little far-fetched. The point is, don’t have too many priorities. Get focused, and get started!

Another way to look at it is to consider that there are 10 projects. Is it better to (1) move all 10 projects one step forward, (2) five projects two steps forward, (3) two projects five steps forward, or (4) one project 10 steps forward? If you are truly working on a priority basis, and the most important priority is due to requirement, financial, or some other intrinsic reward, then the answer is choice four. So why do so many of us seem to want to move 10 projects one step forward? Maybe if you are in a leadership role, you are already asking yourself that same question.

I was in a conversation recently, where I commented about my desire to help set the goals, priorities, and even direction for an organization. As I look at the more successful enterprises happening, it seems to me that the ones that have figured out how to function with getting more of their team involved are the ones that experience more positive results. The organizations that know how to focus are the most successful.

As I talk with others, I observe that it is easier for people to complain about something in generalities than it is to do something about it in specifics.

That’s the trick for those of you that are leaders and those that aspire to greater leadership opportunities. If you recognize there needs to be a change, consider how you can be the agent of change. If you’d like, talk it over with another colleague whom you trust and with whom you work.

Remember, nothing happens until someone starts. And why not you?

Let’s start having FUN—F for Focused Priorities.

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