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Handling Criticism Well - Why Should I?

How do you handle criticism? When it is given to you - do you see it as constructive or

destructive? Our ability to take criticism can make us or break us. Learning how to handle criticism has been one of the most difficult lessons for me to handle. (I was so much better at giving it. lol) Someone once said that constructive criticism is whenI criticize you; destructive criticism is when you criticize me.

Here’s the single most important method to deciphering the difference between constructive criticism and destructive criticism:

  1. In what spirit is it given? Look beyond the worlds and determine the motives.

  2. When is the criticism given? Privately or publicly? If public, then you can be sure the intentions are not the best.

  3. Why is the criticism given? This question deals with the attitude of the critic. Is it for personal benefit and growth or is it given from a personal hurt?

Adapted from Become a People Person by John Maxwell.

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