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I Finally Found One!

I recently returned from a magical family vacation at Disney World, and I couldn't wait to share a special discovery with you.  You see when I went on my first trip with my kids I learned all about the Disney Pin Trading phenomenon.  In short, there are these lapel pins, probably thousands of them, that you can trade.  There are rules and long-sought-after pins to be had.  

We got a starter set of pins for our kids before earlier trips and it has become a fun adventure as we wind our way through parks, resorts, and even Disney Springs.  I know many adults trade, but for me, I just keep an eye out for the ones that mean something and buy it.  Currently on my lanyard is a Simba pin, a Happy Birthday pin, and one or two others - but I’ve been looking for one in particular.  

During our recent visit, I stumbled upon the hidden gem – a Rafiki pin for my collection!  I’ve been looking for a Rafiki pin for several years anytime I was at or near Disney, and this time it’s like they’d been listening and created one.  It got me thinking about the timeless lessons we can learn from characters like Rafiki in Disney’s The Lion King.

Speaking of which, I'm thrilled to invite you to join us for an unforgettable experience surrounding Disney’s “The Lion King”, called Harbor TREKS. TREKS is all about taking moments like these, connecting them to our lives, and creating lasting memories. This February/March, whether you're in the Lincoln (Omaha) area for a live performance or prefer a cozy family movie night, consider joining us for three special virtual sessions where we'll unpack the wisdom of Simba and the cast.

Discover more information and secure your spot for an enriching experience. By joining us, you create memories for your family and gain valuable leadership lessons. I'm looking forward to connecting with you on this journey.

Make it a great day,


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