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iROI of Coaching - Leadership is Influence

Everyone is a leader. Yes. Even you.

Leadership is not only a position. Leadership means you have influence WITH another

person. Please notice I said WITH not OVER. Leadership comes along side of another to provide influence in helping them grow and learn. Leadership is not management, Management is prioritizing and handling tasks.

As a parent or spouse or significant other, you are a leader. As an employee - even the one at the bottom of the proverbial food chain, you are a leader. You can lead up, down or laterally.

John Maxwell says there are 5 levels of Leadership:

  1. Your Position can give you the “right” to lead/influence others ( please do not confuse this with managing people - although you may be overseeing others)

  2. Permission builds on your relationship with others. Because of that relationship, they have given you permission to lead/influence them.

  3. Production leaders have proven their track record through the results they achieve.

  4. People Development leaders/influencers are reproducing others to be leaders. Think successors or training and mentoring.

  5. Pinnacle leaders/influencers have gain respect because of what they have done and are doing. They develop others.

So which level are you as a leader? You may be at a different level with each of the people you lead. Very few leaders achieve beyond level 3 - A production leader/influencer. Want to be more consistent with all of your team? Want to move up another level? Coaching can help.

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