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lROI of Coaching - Learning Doesn’t End With School

Learning is something that we all do whether we want to or not. One type of learning is

because life just happens around us and we have to learn the lessons along the way. Another kind of learning... the kind of learning that actually is what coaching builds… is wanted learning. It's the desire to continue growing, changing, and applying new knowledge to everything that we do and see around us. That's not an easy place to be. The majority of people are not learners by nature. Many people feel they have learned all they need to know to survive their life. It's a bit sad, really.

Learning is actually quite a vulnerable place to be. First of all we have to break through the barriers of our BS - That's our belief system. these beliefs that we don't even think about because we tuck them away in our subconscious yep those are controlling a lot of things in our lives. It especially controls what we're willing to try to learn and what we think we can't learn. our learning is so important!

Learning has a system. It begins with evaluating what we've already learned. The next step is to unlearn what is unneeded or untrue. then we have to relearn what we need to know in order to move forward. and then we do some application and evaluation. Learning can be very complicated but it's also very necessary for getting more out of life.

Every time we learn something new we build a skill. Every time we learn we grow our confidence. Who doesn't want to grow their confidence? Every time we learn we begin problem solving differently than we've done it before and that leads to creativity and our creativity increases as we begin to apply new skills, new confidence, and new information.

Learning ROI is measured through the amount of information we've taken in and processed. it's measured by the skills that we've increased or acquired. It's actually one of the easiest measurement tools that coaching return on investment has.

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