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Making a Living, Making a Life

There’s a saying: You are what you eat.

That means when we put junk food into our face, we are interested in the immediate gratification of the taste. At times, this may be “acceptable”; however, we all know this isn’t a good long-term diet. We cannot consume this kind of food and be at our best when it really counts—right before a marathon or right before we make that big presentation. It’s the same with the news—the “best” news (according to some in the media) is news that gets your attention, but that’s not really your best news. Instead, get the news that is of interest and is impactful to you and your life, but don’t let it “consume” you—don’t fill yourself with “junk food.”

Choose to fill your mind with things that matter, like your relationships with family, friends, church, or some other interest. Consider, where can you make an impact for you, your family, or someone else this week? Then get busy with an action to make lives better. Make this year, 2017, the year to make a difference. Blessings this week, my friend!

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