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Nebraska—The Good Life

Tom Osborne

Many people who live in Nebraska love the state. One of those reasons is that Nebraska truly experiences all five seasons. Yes, five—spring, summer, football, fall, and winter. While Nebraska doesn’t have the advantage of a professional sports team, football or otherwise, there is a significant interest in the Huskers. Without going into too many of the details of this particular season, let us recognize a couple of key points: The football coach is in his third season, we have a new quarterback, and the athletic director has been fired and a new one has already been hired.

The first statement made by the new AD, even before his official start date, is that there will be no mid-season coaching changes. Nevertheless, the football coach and the rest of his staff are aware that Nebraska likes to win. Remember back to 1997, after the Tom Osborne era in which he won three national championships—there were more than a few times in those 25 years as a head football coach that people called for Tom’s head as well. In general, we are not patient when it comes to football wins. The first coach to replace T.O. was his offensive coordinator, Frank Solich. Frank won 75 percent of his games and was fired with that same record in his final year. The point is, Nebraska was not competing at the level at which it was accustomed to competing.

Currently, the team is 2-3 overall and 3-2 in the Big 10 conference. While the toughest teams may now be behind us, the rest of the season is not a piece of cake.

My point? It is incredible to me that people do not expect as much from their own lives as they do from the head football coach at Nebraska.

We all know people who play “Monday morning quarterback.” My favorite coach’s response is “I appreciate all the help I can get. However, rather than giving me advice after the game, why not join me on the sideline, when there is only 25 seconds in which to make those decisions?”

Better yet, consider getting more involved in your own game of life. If you ever wanted to get more engaged with life but struggled with self-consciousness, self-belief, getting up in front of people—there are ways to get around all of that. Many people pay attention to others, wondering what others are thinking. And those same people who are the object of that attention are paying attention to others (including you) and wondering what others are thinking as well. If we stop spending energy on the wondering and focus on the doing, we will come out ahead.

Let’s get you on the path toward success—because our success depends on your success. Contact us for a free consultation.

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