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Personal Growth and Sex Transmutation

What is sex transmutation; and what does it have to do with personal growth? First of all, if

you are interested in personal growth - the mention of sex in the title got your attention. More importantly, sex transmutation is simply explained as the switching of the mind from thought of physical expression to thought of something else, most importantly, something creative. This is the tenth step in Napoleon Hill’s book, Think and Grow Rich.

Sex desire is one of the most powerful of human desires. When driven by this desire, people develop a keener imagination, courage, persistence and creative ability than is known to them at other times. So strong is this desire, people will risk their life and reputation to indulge in it. (Is there any doubt to this, especially obvious in men.) Love is, without a doubt, one of life’s greatest experiences. Everyone deserves someone to love, and be loved. Love, when combined with romance brings two people into a deeper relationship with themselves and ultimately in relationship with Infinite Intelligence. This bond or relationship is on the deepest level. If you have ever experienced this kind of emotional relationship, you may have felt like nothing can stop you. It’s comparative to having a “mountaintop experience.”

And if one is capable of channeling some of their physical energy into a creative and or productive outcome, the results can be truly amazing and successful, and possibly, of some more grander world significance.

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