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Saturday Morning Blend

Do you enjoy a cup of coffee and some relaxing time, and find that you get reflective, maybe even philosophical? As I grow older, I realize that some of my best thoughts come from my

reflection times. My challenge is that I often get so busy with what needs to get done, that I don’t take enough time to reflect. Maybe this happens to you? I have discovered that without the proper reflection, I do not move as far forward as quickly as I know that I could.

If an emergency happened, I would drop everything to deal with the emergency.

And if something is truly a priority, I get it on my calendar or at the top of my “To Do” list. My reflection needs to get the same level of prioritized attention. This is my time to consider “What Could Be?” And unless I need to type or write ideas down, I could have a cup of coffee, or even some other beverage in my hand to add value to this thinking time. For me, I happen to have more philosophical times in the morning; so a good cup of morning blend works quite well for me.

As I ponder this, there’s really 2 different reflection times that I go through. Every morning, I review my current journal. I think I started journaling after attending my second conference led by Darren Hardy, one of my mentors. A journal was provided as part of the registration. I had never journaled before; and I tried a few different methods until I found something that worked well for me. My journals contain key tidbits of wisdom that I want to incorporate into my day-to-day personal growth life journey. Just like one of my favorite lessons from John Maxwell “Leadership develops daily, not in a day,” my daily journal process is part of my daily lead myself better process.

So many people tell me that they are not “in leadership.”

What?! Everyone is a leader, because leadership is simply influence. And everyday that we spend time with others, we have the opportunity to influence them…..”let me tell you about the great place I had breakfast (The Engine House Cafe or The Eatery are a couple of favorites, lunch (LaPaz or recently, McAllister’s) and pizza from The Isles.” Whenever we recommend a concert or show, broadway musical, or amazing trip that you went on we may influence someone’s decision. And having recently picked up Pickleball, I asked for recommendations (ie influence) from some sources that I feel comfortable with.

Additionally, when the hustle and bustle is not happening, a cup of morning blend and a fun and dreaming conversation with my wife on a Saturday morning can really add a powerful renewal to my spirit and my soul. And, it is in the truly quiet times, that reflection can bring a proper vision to all of this daily focus and provide greater clarity.

Overall, I realize that I am so controlled by my task orientedness. Awareness is important and valuable. Every day is another day to create and fulfill the vision of what I want my life to be. I don’t know whether I should be frustrated or amazed by the fact that my journey since retiring from my secure, though limiting corporate career, has been an even greater evolution of my personal being and existence. And yet, as I look around, there are so many people that are in positions of significant influence that are putting on such a show, or at least missing some of the best parts of life right in front of them. I am so thankful for the opportunity to add value and make a difference with people and build more significant relationships. It is so important to recognize that we have to get off the proverbial treadmill once in a while, have a truly enjoyable cup of morning blend, and think about “What Could Be?”

We are all searching for our own versions of success.

The challenge is that many do so without bringing any outside perspective into their awareness. It’s as if we each think we are the smartest person in the room, and we are afraid to find a thinking partner to challenge our paradigms, else we might have to get out of our comfort zone. Or the fear that we will discover that we are making a mistake. And we so badly don’t want to make a mistake, that we don’t want to find one. It’s really the proverbial “head in the sand.” Oh, do not misunderstand me, I HATE mistakes. It’s one of my most difficult hang ups as a recovering perfectionist.

Saturday Morning Blend

Again, that is why one of my favorite times is the lazy Saturday morning morning blend. It’s best when it can be on our screen porch; and the second best is in front of the fireplace, unless we are camping, then THAT is my favorite place inside or outside! I love this time most of all when I spend it with one of my favorite thinking partners, my wife Kris. We dream, we complain, we dream, we have “intense fellowship,” but most of all we share our dreams, visions and goals for what we would like to experience together as well as individually. And the best part is being in sync with what we want going forward. Yes, like many, we want happiness and success, which includes at least enough financial success to continue to create memories for ourselves, but even more so with our family, including our parents. The trouble is that our coffee time sometimes leads into lunchtime, and then we realize we have other things to do. Nevertheless, these times are some of my favorite times.

I spent most of my working career as an engineer. It was a safe career. It was reasonably financially rewarding. However, my whole life is about becoming a better version of who I was designed to become; and the most fulfilling opportunities now include adding value to other people to become all they were designed to be. Life is about making the lives of others better. In the words of another mentor, “If you want more, you have to become more.” And if I can add value to your journey, that would make my day!

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