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The Golden Choice

The Golden Rule

Everyone I’ve asked knows the golden rule. In fact, every religious faction has a tenet that is based on the golden rule. However, how often does anyone make the Golden Choice?

Let’s review the rule: Treat others as you want to be treated.

Now let’s review some standard life situations:

Ever been cut off in traffic? And what did you think, or even say, when that happened? Was it a positive or a negative response?

Ever had horrible service at a restaurant? Was it an excuse to tip in response or did you do something more to leave someone’s day a little brighter?

Did you ever come across a grumpy person and react likewise? Or did you find something to compliment and bring joy into their heart?

We have a choice. We can react in similar fashion or we can aim a little higher. We can take the low road (treat others worse), take the middle road (treat them the same), or take the high road (treat them better than we were treated). Which is closer to the golden rule? We can add more of the same to someone or we can be the point in the day where things got better.

What will be your choice the next time? Will you be remembered for your Golden Choice?

Make someone’s day!

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