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The “Poverty” Mindset is Not Limited to Money

The Fear of Poverty is not limited to those who are poor financially - it survives quite well in

those that listen to the voice in their heads saying, “you can’t _______.” (You fill in the blank for you.) This voice is a powerful one. I have had it too. I never (truly) thought I could have my own business. (Sure I dreamed about it. But really?!) There is no compromise between poverty and riches. (Again, this is not limited to money. Consider the rich outlook on life, or the one that says, I will always be “stuck” in this job, relationship, sad situation, unhealthy body, life, etc. At Leadership Harbor we consistently speak in terms of a Circle of Control. In that circle, you decide what you will do, and what you control. Too often, people give up that control to someone else. You choose where we go to dinner. I don’t care which one we buy. If you want “riches,” determine in what form, and how much of that you really want. Do not accept less than what you want. And when you achieve it, take note of how “rich” you feel. If you want to discover a better way - reach out - it starts with a conversation.

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