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The Price of Success

Our best today will not meet tomorrow’s challenges. In the busyness of our day-to-day activities, it can appear more important to focus on the next presentation, sale, or meeting. We have tasks - and the lists don’t stop! So how do we get off the merry-go-round and invest (Time and Money) in our own development - or that of our employees/team?

How can we continue being great leaders if we don’t make the time to lead ourselves? Our number one principle of leadership is, ‘We must lead ourselves before we can lead others.’

What are we modeling to our teammates/employees?

Let me give you an example. I am a leadership Coach. A coach helps an individual unlock potential by being their thinking partner - helping them to think deeper and introspectively because the answers to our questions lie within us. As a coach, what would you say if I didn’t have my own coach to help me unlock my potential? What am I modeling? How can I “sell” a service I’m not buying for myself? So I have invested in my development. I’m currently taking a marketing masterclass, taught by my coaching coach. I meet with my Health Coach every 2 weeks. I participate in group coaching calls almost weekly. I’m reading books. I’m participating in a weekly Bible study - and a daily one as well - with people who challenge me. I’m not just growing my faith, my health, my knowledge, etc. I’m taking the time to apply what I’m learning. That’s the part that is really slowing me down. I can only move as fast as I can take the time to think through what my next step is.

So is this investment of time and money worth it? My confidence continues to grow in my abilities to lead an organization, my profits continue to grow, our team is growing in numbers and in leadership ability. Most importantly - and this is my main measure of significance - I am seeing positive results for the people I serve - from the executives, to the managers, to the team members.

According to the learning Wave, 74% of employees feel that they are not reaching their full potential (1) How is that affecting your bottom line? Good is the enemy of great, but best is the enemy of better. What do you need to equip yourself and your team for the next several months so you can be your best today? How do you unlock that under-utilized potential?

Personal development must be consistent. It’s like interest - it compounds daily. It’s also like interest in that it doesn’t do anyone any good until you start. Yet as soon as the investing begins, the benefits of the interest begin. Carve out some time to invest in yourself.

Even if it’s only 15 minutes a day, what might that do for you personally?

What might that do for your team?

What might that do for those you serve as clients?

If setting aside time isn’t working or you aren’t getting the results you want, let’s do a complimentary Discovery Session.

What price are you willing to pay for your success?

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