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Top 3 Reasons Talented Teams Are Losing Top Performers (Part 2 of 4) Reason #2 - Poor Leadership

Managers who aren’t Transformational Leaders don’t inspire great work. People want to be

part of something great. Of those who left their jobs, 56% stated poor management was one of the main reasons for their decision.

“Companies are adjusting their policies to ensure that employees feel cared about as human beings, not just as workers, making flexible work arrangements permanent, investing in wellness programs, and boosting diversity and inclusion in their efforts. Employers and employees are building new, more dynamic relationships based on trust and empathy.” —LinkedIn Talent Solutions This actually makes total sense when you consider how the majority of people are wired (Think Maxwell DISC) We know that 80% of all people in the world are people/relationship focused (I&S). We know that 69% of all people in the world lean toward empathy (S). How not to be one of those statistics Building trust among employees is critical to how your organization functions. If you want to see greater trust built in your company culture, let’s talk. Discovery Sessions are complimentary (aka No Risk!) Make 2023 your best year yet!

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