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tROI Coaching - There Is No “I” In Team

You've heard it said, “There is no "I" in team.” That's just another fun way to say that a team

is about more than just one person. When we're talking about the ROI of a team in coaching, we're talking about how they're experiencing each other and how efficiency is playing a part in what is happening amongst the team. We're talking about collaboration and cooperation. We also know that another one of those sayings out there is that two heads are always better than one. So if we're using More than one head, then the ideas should be better. Creativity (problem solving and thinking differently) should be higher. Efficiency and productivity should be better as well.

But how do you measure things like experience? efficiency? collaboration? cooperation? creativity? Actually you don't. What you measure are the results that occur when a team is functioning well. You measure the loyalty of the team to each other. You measure the turnover that your company is experiencing. Most importantly, you watch your culture become the focus of the team and the company. This is where the bottom line begins to improve. And who doesn’t want to see that? Let's talk. schedule your complimentary Discovery Session today.

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