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What Could Be. . . ?

Happiest of New Years! What Could Be in store for you this year. . . ? As we begin a new year - we, at Leadership Harbor want you to ponder this question, in the same manner that we will be pondering it for ourselves, individually, and collectively, as a Team of similarly

minded individuals. In John Maxwell’s book, Winning with People, we are looking at the Approachability Principle. This principle helps us to understand that being at ease with ourselves helps others be at ease with us. Consider the situation of having a boss that has a strong tendency to fly off the handle when things are not going well. I know I can picture several “bosses” that I’ve had that did not handle bad news well. How often do we want to bring a bad situation to them in order to think through ideas to address the situation.

Answer: Never.

Is that conducive to getting the best solution? Obviously not, Is that what the boss really wants? No, not really, but they are not approachable, so they are getting one result they want (no bad news), they are not really “leading” their team.

The Question I must ask myself: Would my friends and colleagues say that I am easy to approach about difficult issues? If you don’t like the answer, you can change it. No, I am not suggesting that you lie about it. What could happen for you if you didn’t lose your “emotional cool?” You don’t want to be in the same situation at this time next year. You can begin the process to change that NOW. Call to set up an appointment to discuss your options.

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