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What Could Be? Recommended Resources for Your Personal Growth

Everyone is different in the way they learn. Although after taking a poll of the LH coaches, we came up with a list of 4 things that are standard…

  1. My coffee - if it’s morning time or my water (any other time of the day) will be set

nearby. Oftentimes to my left side. No idea why. Just where it’s most reachable, I guess.

  1. Something to write on. There are always notes to take. Light bulb moments, ideas, actions I don’t want to forget to do.

  2. Oh, and of course, something to write with. I like the BIC pens that write smoothly. Usually some kind of grip.

  3. And last but not least, the book, online lesson I’m working through or just ready for my coaching session. Now … I’m ready to begin. I don’t always get an hour - who am I kidding?! Hardly ever! More like 15-20 minutes. Yet it is enough to move forward.

Growth doesn’t just happen. Potential doesn’t just unlock. What’s your system for growth?

And by the way, all new coaching clients/contracts in February will receive a

Coaching Survival Kit
Download PDF • 14.79MB

as a way to say “Thank you!” and to help Leadership Harbor celebrate their 6th anniversary.

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