What Do You REALLY Want?

I am pretty sure that most people do not really know what they want. Oh, I think they think they do. However, my experience tells me otherwise. And I’ll use myself as an example.

Last year was a really important year for me. And I intend to make this year even better.

Last year, in January 2021,I wrote down 3 primary goals:

  1. Move from my corporate job to Leadership Harbor

  2. Get some finances in order

  3. Build relationships through camping

These are the goals. Then came some desired metrics. Then came the unknown. How do I get there? I want to be clear - I did not achieve everything that I wanted. However, I DID achieve the MOST important piece of each of these 3 goals.

I made decisions throughout the year with these 3 goals in mind.

And recently, I have developed a short phrase/question to help clarify my actions - “What is the desired outcome?” I am using this phrase to assist me in nearly all of my major discussions and decision making process. By keeping the desired outcome (in this case, my 3 primary goals) in mind with any and all decisions or actions - I gradually, if not daily, made progress towards each of these primary goals.

I knew that if I wanted to move from my corporate job to Leadership Harbor, I needed to keep building my presence in and for Leadership Harbor. I needed to keep this desired goal in mind.

The most important step to achieve this is Intentionality. This involves both in my thinking and in my daily actions. I’ve always been a goal setter, more importantly, I’ve always been a written goal setter. However, I have not always been as intentional about the daily importance of focused actions. I’ve done some “work” that is appropriate, but not the key work. And then I wonder why my results are taking so long. Let me also stress, this is why you make goals in the first place, without goals, there is no target or “picture” or map with which to set out on your journey. There is no idea on how to prepare. If I decide to go on a cruise, but I don’t know anything about the cruise or where it is going, then I don’t know how to pack (should I bring my swim trunks (Caribbean cruise) or my parka (Alaskan cruise). I must determine the appropriate details.