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What Draws Me to People? What Draws YOU to People?

The entire population of the world - with one minor exception - is composed of others. I love

this quote by John Maxwell. There’s nothing inherently wrong with people - it’s me. Alright, I am not really a problem - it’s simply that I am “wired” to get stuff done, more than I am “wired” for people. My goal for 2023 is all about connecting with people better - both family and business. The important thing to note is my favorite mentor, John Maxwell, has taught me that “people are my business.” And you know what - I love my business. What draws me to people is my passion to add value to areas of learning that I have experience. It’s about what it means to be a better leader (building better relationships), it’s about challenging people’s paradigms with the right questions, including your thoughts around money. What draws YOU to people? What Could Be . . . . if you were more aware of other people?

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