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What to Do, When You Know There’s a Better Way

I know that you have more potential. It is within each of us. The challenge is how to bring it out. If you are like me, “I just need to work harder.” Or is it “I just need to work smarter.”

Or both?! In our approach to Think and Grow Rich, today’s subject is “The Sixth Sense.” This is the thirteenth step toward riches (And remember riches are more than money, you get to define them.) The challenge this is probably the most difficult step as it is a culmination of all the steps up to this point. Do not feel poorly if you struggle here. Nevertheless, I want to share one of the most creative ways to use this step. Imagine having the best minds that you have ever read about as your inner circle of mentors. Picture them in a room with you, and they are there to add value to your thoughts, desires and dreams. What would you ask of them? And what would they tell you to do?

If you try this and find it difficult - that’s ok; and yet if you have a struggle that you’ve had for some time….it might be time to inquire about a Leadership Harbor Thinking Partner. It’s what we are trained to do as we serve you.

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