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When Cut Off in Traffic, Take the High Road

Those three roads are the low road, the middle road, and the high road.

  • The low road - where we treat others worse than they treat us

  • The middle road - where we treat others that same as they treat us

  • The high road - where we treat others better than they treat us

We know which road we want to take and that we want others to see that we take. But that

is easier said than done. We may consider the situation - What happens when someone cuts us off in traffic? Yes, we recognize that happens; and how often do we cut others off in traffic? You may say that you have a good reason. I am sure that you do - you have good intentions, and yet your action is the same as the action of the one that cut you off. We must consider both parties’ actions; or both parties' intentions. Since both parties' actions are the same; that does not suggest we address those any differently. If we consider intentions, we only know ours, and we do not know the others. Therefore, we must only consider actions, or we must consider offering the same grace to others that we want for ourselves. Only through offering this grace can we travel the high road.

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