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Words Mean Less - Wait! What?

Whether you are communicating in a casual setting like telling a story or a joke, or

communicating something more formal, like a presentation or speech/keynote, there are certain elements you want to consider. The more important or intentional you want to be in the communication, them more important it is to ask yourself 4 questions. This week, let’s look at question #3 What do want the people to feel?

Did you know that the words you say are less important than how you make people feel? What we say only accounts for 7% of what is believed. Our emotions are the way we connect to audiences. Comedians connect us to their stories to make us laugh at him/her and at ourselves.

The Folgers commercials that come on every Thanksgiving and Christmas sell coffee by reminding us of sitting down with people we love or maybe don’t see very often. They play on our emotions.

If you have more questions, or would like to “practice” the technique of helping others “feel” join me for a Speakers Club session. Or let’s set up a complimentary Discovery Session.

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