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Do You Ever Dream about the Future?

Dream big (balloons)

I recently watched the movie Jobs. Ashton Kutcher did a remarkable performance starring as Steve Jobs. Granted, Steve made more than his share of mistakes in life—who doesn’t? But he believed in himself, and he brought along others who shared his vision of bringing “color” to life. What he would not accept were those that saw all the roadblocks and said, “It is not possible.” Steve Jobs took the “i” from impossible and created revolutionary products. Everything is now i-possible!

What do You dream about?

What energizes You?

What gets You up and going to start your day?

In what areas do you excel, and in what areas do you “settle?”

We all have things to do, but the more we have something that drives our purpose, the more we face the day with gusto!

Leadership sees the Future. Leadership has a Vision. Leadership Harbor wants to help you find the answers to these questions!

I believe nearly everybody wants to make a difference. At the minimum, they want a difference for themselves, and at the other end, many also want to make a difference for others. In my experience, the best organizations grow people to make a difference. I ask myself, how do I and the organizations that I belong to make a difference? This includes everything in which I involve myself—my job, church, gym, and volunteer organizations. If I am not growing personally, and/or completely understand my contribution to the larger organization’s benefit, then why am I involved?

Reminds me of a church experience I had… the people of the church claimed they wanted to grow, but only if you were like them. They would ask, why don’t people just come and give their money? Yes—quite self-centered. When the church stopped helping the masses, the masses stopped giving to the church. People will help those that they feel truly help others. People do give to make a difference. And they want to know that what they give to is making a difference.

“You are the way you are because that’s the way you want to be. If you really want to be any different, you would be in the process of changing right now.” —Fred Smith

Do you work for the weekend? Or do you have a job that allows you to make a bigger difference? Isn’t that what the best jobs do, allow you the opportunity to make a difference?

If you are in a position of authority, do you look around and “see” the others that work to make a difference? You are so fortunate. There are so many people working “in the trees” that they have difficulty “seeing the forest.”

Make a difference for someone else today! (And you will find that it makes a difference for you as well.)

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