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Lead Yourself: Be the Person You Were Designed to Be

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If you are six foot, six inches tall or weigh more than 140 pounds, there are certain roles that you are just not destined to perform—ballerina, horse jockey, etc. Size matters! However, if you are of the stature that would allow you to consider one of these specific roles, then you aren’t going to have the option of being an NFL lineman or a center for the NBA. Again—size matters!

More often, what really matters lies between your ears. We are all very different people. That’s OK. In fact, that’s what makes people SO interesting. I love to watch people at the airport or waiting in a line.

There are a lot of people who like to “people watch.” We do it for different reasons. Some find people a curiosity. Others want to know what makes them “tick.” Some people are concerned what others think about them. Others watch people while they are waiting in the store checkout line to make the wait less boring.

One challenge for those who attempt to compare themselves to others is that they often give others the benefit of the doubt, making them better than they are. Still others judge people so they can feel better about themselves. Neither of these methods is heathy. And for some, this is a very big challenge. To me, it is a matter of choice. We all choose our response to what others do or say. One of the quotes that I have come to treasure as a way to respond to others is

“Do not get upset with people or situations. Both are powerless without your reaction.”

When considering others, and/or “worrying” about others, what are you trying to accomplish? If you are worrying about what they think, they are probably worrying about what you think. Why not just be you? It’s a choice. You can choose to worry or choose not to worry. It’s your energy; use it to your advantage. You can choose to be nice or choose to be a jerk. Don’t blame the way you act on someone else.

I recently saw the new release for Jumanji. I took time off work to see it with my two favorite LPS teachers (daughter and son-in-law) on a five-dollar-movie Tuesday) and my wife. In my opinion, this movie is hilarious! I liked it so much that it has skipped my “gift” list and is on my “soon-to-be-mine” list. In this movie, the high school kids enter a game that makes them choose a role. Yes, it is pretend. It is only a game. But to them, it does not seem like it. Life is not a game, or is it? Are you stuck as who you are and what you do? Are you really? Or is it a choice? Are you limited? Or do you choose to give yourself limits? Do you have the talent to do something else? Or do you choose to not work for the opportunity to make a different choice?

How do some rise up from poverty or adversity and others seem to be stuck? It may not be easy, but is it possible that it is your choice? It is your choice to lead your life where you want it to go. You may not have started the way you wanted, but you do have the power to write the ending.

If you’d like more information about how to get the life you want, contact Brian or Kris. There are many options to choose from to get you there.

Blessings on your choices, my friend!

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