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Leaders Help Make the Impossible Possible

A Friend’s Story

I have come to firmly believe that we can be and do whatever we want to be and do. At one of the recent Mini mastermind discussions, one person, farther ahead in retirement years than some, shared she is considering going into ministry. Wow, isn’t that great? She was a little apprehensive, saying, “But I am 73 years old and retired.” Then she heard from someone else, who pointed out “you wouldn’t be the only one having done this before,” so she decided to give it some more thought. Of course, there are more steps to follow, but this is a LEADER in action!

This led me to think back to my CLP or “lay pastor” years. I was a lay pastor for a total of 13 years, some of those years in training and some handling pulpit supply (filling in when a pastor was on vacation). During that time, I served a church as their pastor for nearly nine years. There are some who have gone through seminary who don’t appreciate the lay pastor role, but most don’t have an issue with it. However, I want to share a story where I spoke some inappropriate words, and I’ll never forget the hurt tone in the voice that politely corrected me. I once made the statement, “Well, I am only a lay pastor.” The reply from a person, whom I still consider a friend and who I really appreciated working with, were these words, which I will never forget: “You are NOT JUST a lay pastor, you ARE OUR pastor.”

The lesson that I learned: You are what you do and that is how people think of you. (Thank you so much, my friend!)

Marriage Is Special!

A long-time family friend asked me to perform the wedding ceremony for her and her fiancé.

The problem was, after I had stopped serving a specific church, I was no longer commissioned to do the things that a pastor is able to do, like perform weddings. I petitioned the larger church administrative body for special permission. There are reasons for rules, and then there are ways around the rules, and I had seen exceptions made before. So why not this, too? When they said “No,” I was surprised, disappointed, and a bit angry. Then I asked myself, what are my other options? I got certified online! I had the greatest time with this couple, their families, and not letting someone else tell me what I can and can’t do.

“Never allow a person to tell you no who doesn’t have the power to say yes.” —Eleanor Roosevelt

The lesson that I learned: We can be and do whatever we want to be and do. Ask yourself—what do you wish you could do or who would you like to be? What’s really stopping you?

You may not know what to do or where to even start. That’s not a significant problem because that’s where Leadership Harbor comes in. Our goal is to empower you to realize your potential with confidence and influence. Deep down, you have an idea. A conversation with us may open that up. Leadership starts within; one must lead themselves before they can lead others.

“It’s never too late to become what you might have been.” —John C. Maxwell
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