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Leadership Values —Equip People

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If we are fortunate, we love what we do. At Leadership Harbor, this is most definitely true. However, for many it is not. Some people find themselves stuck. They feel that they are limited in their options. There could be circumstances truly outside of their control or their situation is due to previous choices—or lack of choices—made. Some figure out a way to make the best of it, some find a way to make it better, and some just complain as if they will always have no choice. Part of this is mind-set. There are always options. They may not be the best options, and they may not be easy options. Life can be like going through a maze.

Sometimes we find that our options are now difficult because we already took the easy path in the beginning rather than put in the work because it was challenging or difficult. Again, there are always exceptions. Nevertheless, if you want different results, then you must make different choices. This is what we like to call your Circle of Control. You can only control you. And if you believe and accept this, what are you doing now that is within your control and that you know needs to change? What can you choose to do differently that is within your control? What will happen if you don’t do something differently?

One particular situation to consider is when the people in charge of an organization voice an opinion that the people they employ are not producing enough. This happens in many different types of organizations from restaurants to stores to manufacturers.

Consider the following:

—What is the difference between the top people and the bottom people? —What are you doing as the manager/supervisor to equip and/or train those on the bottom of the performance scale? —What are you doing as the manager/supervisor to equip and/or train those at the top of the performance scale to get even better and/or to retain them? —What are you doing as the manager/supervisor to equip and/or train yourself?

This is part of your Circle of Control. This is not about controlling others. This is about controlling you. You are equipping others to be successful.

If people are not performing as well as expected, what are you DOING about it? Are people approached with a harsh or condescending tone? (How would you respond if approached that way?) Are you looking for or asking what additional resources are needed? And if nothing is done, why would anyone expect different results? How can you be more than a manager? How can you be a leader?

Remember the adage, If you always do what you’ve always done, you always get what you’ve always gotten.

Equip people! Some of us are slower than others. That is OK. It’s not a crime. Inside, they are likely screaming for help. They want to be successful. Show them you care enough to help them be successful.

People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. —John C. Maxwell

Go forth and equip others in the name of leadership (not management)!

Blessings, friends!

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