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Leadership Values—Live Intentionally

Leadership Values Graphic

Have you traveled on a plane? Each time, the flight attendants review the safety protocol of the aircraft. Where is the closest exit? How many people actually check? How many of us are intentional about this?

I know that life matters to us. Why do so few people pay attention? Maybe it is because there is a one-in-11-million chance that the airplane will go down. Yes, those odds are low, but that is not why I believe that people do not pay attention.

One of the safety measures has to do with what happens if there is a sudden loss in cabin pressure… Yep, that’s right. The oxygen masks are supposed to fall down from above. In the event this occurs, consider the cabin activity: Is there calm or chaos? In your picture of chaos, does it include people screaming? Mine does.

We may know what to do, but if there was a real issue, how automatic would most people’s reactions be? How many people are intentional about being prepared other than the flight attendants?

If the masks would fall, do you know to put the mask on yourself first? We may remember that instruction, but what if you are traveling with a small child? Seems like a simple question.

There are three reasons why you would put the mask on yourself first. What are they?

  1. That’s what we were told to do!

  2. That’s the right thing to do. (But why?)

What if you are traveling with a child? How many of us would still put the mask on ourselves first? It would seem like we should put the mask on the child first, regardless of the instructions given.

With one child, we could probably get away with putting it on them first. Let’s make the example a little more extreme. What if you are traveling with several kids? Which one is first? Can you choose? How many could you cover before you passed out due to lack of oxygen?

If there is as much chaos and screaming as I imagine, and some adult is trying to put a mask on me (as a child), am I going to cooperate or fight back?

That leads me to reason number three.

  1. If one puts the mask on yourself first (intentional), that models the behavior and demonstrates to the child what you are doing and why you are trying to mask them as well. The task becomes relatively easy given the circumstances.

Leadership Harbor values being intentional in our personal and professional lives. It is actually one of our main values. How do we show intentionality? We plan retreats and teachings for the people participating each time. We don’t use “canned” presentations because each presentation is unique. We want to add value to our clients. We actually plan how we will do that. We stay focused on our goal of empowering people.

Know the reasons for what you do. Your best leadership should be intentional! If you’d like to become more intentional in the way you think and behave, consider joining us for a Mastermind Group on Intentional Living. I guarantee you will become more intentional! Contact us to find out when the next group is beginning.

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