Life Is about Growing and Getting Better

I have been in the working world for 30-plus years. The “job” has provided for my family and myself, from a financial perspective, but I have not felt completely satisfied. Don’t misunderstand me; I’ve achieved some successes. I just haven’t achieved the significance that I want. It took me a long time to learn that the majority of companies do not intentionally develop their people. They may invest in a few—mostly in upper-management positions—but for the majority of their people, they seem to settle.

To me, success is personal. Significance means that I leave something behind for others. Even after 30 years, I am not a person who can just cruise until retirement. Significance is in my sights. I believe that I am doing what I can, and pray that I am on the same path as God, in order that I can truly make a long-lasting difference.

Over the years, I have spent considerable resources to develop myself. I have spent far more on me than my employer has. I have always set a high bar for myself. I am a high achiever, but my quiet nature has challenged me in connecting well with people. For this reason, I became a lay pastor, as that gave me a method to share my faith in a structured manner and forced me to get in front of people more often. I developed many close friendships. Ho