Relationships 101

Relationships Make the World Go “Round”

Have you ever sent an email to get some important information, and then have difficulty getting a response? Frustrating, right?

It took me a long time to understand why some people never returned telephone calls or even email. I thought in many cases that was plain rude. My initial reaction was negative. Upon reflection, maybe I was a little harsh. If I need something, and the other person doesn’t react the way that I think they should, it must be due to a negative attitude? There is probably another reason?

Have you ever ignored, or forgotten to get back to someone in a timely fashion? Sure, probably all of us have. I’ve certainly been in crazy situations where there was barely enough time to keep up, and replying to emails (and even some phone calls) was not on my most important “priority” list. I wasn’t going to work late just to keep someone else, especially a vendor, satisfied.

What is the chance than someone else is in the same situation?