Seeds of Leadership

Picture some flower seeds and vegetable seeds. Consider the seeds to be like the members of your team. If you throw them out to do their job, they may do fine. What kinds of things impact the success of growing seeds and the team?

  1. The soil (work environment) that is present

  2. Whether there is water (are basic needs met?)

  3. Fertilizer (encouraging atmosphere)

  4. Weed control (someone to help with obstacle and clarifying priorities)

Seeds represent potential. The people may be able to do the job, but if a manager is the only one present, then the focus is likely on the process that puts a person in the job, but there may not be the leader that develops, prepares, teaches, equips, mentors, coaches, and empowers the potential of the individual, or the team, and creates the right environment.

For those that recognize they work in a less then prospering environment, this is a most difficult situation. Do others recognize the situation the same way you do? How does one get the “boss” to recognize the seeds are struggling? In my experience, recognition is often there. It’s a matter of whether the individuals are interested in a job, a career, or even a future.

For those who are in a nurturing environment, it is also important to recognize that the right combination of factors (soil, environment, water, fertilizer, weed control) all contribute to the greatest bloom that the flower can produce (or the ripest vegetable). Congratulations to those that are blooming!

If you know that your seed has more potential, and you want a bigger bloom, contact Leadership Harbor for some garden preparation to maximize the growing season.

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